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Purchase procedure

Purchase housing Turkey is a serious decision. Foreigners do not have information about how long it takes to process a transaction, what is needed for this. The Turkish government is complacent about foreign investors. In order to attract foreign citizens, favorable conditions for the purchase are offered, for example, the opportunity to obtain a residence permit and purchase within one to two weeks.

How to choose an apartment

Apartments are chosen based on their own preferences. You can do this on online the HaspoRealty site, where apartments and houses are offered by owners and developers.

В announcements You will find high-quality photos of apartments, as well as video broadcasts. From the ads, it becomes clear how comfortable the housing is, whether repairs need to be done or not, the presence or absence of heating, the view from the window. Thanks to a convenient filter on the site, the search for an apartment takes no more than 7 minutes.

Having chosen accommodation, you can ask HaspoRealty managers for help. They will resolve the language barrier and contact the property owner if necessary.

Conclusion of the contract and making a deposit

The purchase and sale transaction is executed on the basis of the contract. The document describes in detail the object, terms of acquisition and cost. The lines about the buyer are filled in based on the data of the passport. 

The agreement is drawn up in two copies - in Turkish and foreign languages. After being certified by a notary.

The buyer makes a deposit of 5-50% of the price of housing, thus booking the apartment.

  1. If the transaction is terminated by the buyer, the deposit remains with the seller.
  2. If the seller refused to transfer the property to the new owner, he pays a double deposit to the buyer.

A foreigner can sign a contract and pay for an apartment by personally arriving in Turkey, or using the services of a trustee.

Registration of TIN and opening an account in a Turkish bank

Obtaining a TIN is a prerequisite when buying an apartment in Turkey. The number allows you to negotiate with public utilities on the provision of utilities and the Internet.

The document is ordered at the Tax Inspectorate, focusing on the location of housing. After the application is made, the TIN is issued in 15 minutes.

TIN together with a foreign passport and an internal passport of a foreigner will be needed to open a bank account to pay for real estate. The buyer makes a bank transfer to the seller's account.

Only when the seller receives full payment is the new owner handed TAPU in the Cadastral Office. The certificate of ownership is filled out on the basis of the passport of the future owner of the apartment, TIN, photo 3 * 4 and the sale and purchase agreement.

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