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After-sales service

Purchase Real Estate in Turkey is an important event in the life of every foreigner. Having issued documents for the right of ownership, citizens from the countries of the former CIS are faced with housing arrangements. Also, the apartments require registration of maintenance, for example, it is necessary to conclude agreements with utility providers.

Moving to another country and settling into a new apartment requires patience from the new owner. Specialists of the HaspoRealty online portal can help solve everyday and organizational issues. Thanks to experienced and attentive managers, your stay in Turkey will become comfortable from the first day of your move.

What does after-sales service include

After receiving TAPU the foreigner needs to insure the property against earthquakes. This is a mandatory procedure. Also, customers are interested in profitable offers for car insurance and the health of loved ones. So you are guaranteed to be able to count on material support abroad, regardless of the financial situation of the family.

When the owner of housing changes, the conclusion of subscription agreements for utilities is required. If you need a working Internet, be sure to issue Residence permit.

To quickly obtain a residence permit in Turkey a citizen from the countries of the former CIS who has become the owner of an apartment or villa worth from 250 thousand dollars can count. What documents should be collected and where to carry them, our experts will prompt.

The following services will also be useful for a foreigner:

  • calling a repair service - we know which companies will fix the problems and install high-quality equipment to control the house in the absence of the owners;
  • advice on places to buy high-quality furniture and the season of discounts;
  • selection of the interior of the house, based on the wishes of the client;
  • organization of repairs in a new apartment - we will help to hire professionals;
  • hiring cleaning staff - useful for busy people and those who want to devote more time to communicating with their families;
  • a car is a guarantee of a foreigner’s mobility, HaspoRealty managers know where to find a car that will not let you down on a trip;
  • booking and purchase of air tickets.

Advantages of cooperation with HaspoRealty specialists

Our clients do not have to endure the inconvenience of not knowing the Turkish language. After-sales service also involves the solution of bureaucratic issues. Getting to know Turkey can be comfortable!

Thanks to the help of HaspoRealty specialists, the adaptation of citizens from the former CIS takes a minimum of time. Consultations with clients are provided as long as they need it.

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