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Acquaintance tour to Turkey when buying a property

Before buying a property in Turkey, citizens of countries from the former CIS often want to evaluate apartments with their own eyes. An introductory tour will help you make the right choice. Having seen the apartment with your own eyes and personally meeting with the owner of the property or the developer, all doubts will disappear.

Help from HaspoRealty site managers

Managers of the HaspoRealty online service will help you choose an apartment in Turkey, contact the owner and clarify the parameters of the apartment. Making a purchase and sale transaction with our help will take no more than a week.

We undertake the organization and solution of the following issues:

  • choice of air tickets;
  • meeting a foreigner at the airport by a Russian-speaking representative, escort to a comfortable hotel in Turkey;
  • early reservation of a hotel room or apartment;
  • a tour of the apartments you are interested in, you can also see project proposals;
  • our experts answer questions about buying a home;
  • transfer to the airport.

Customer preferences matter

When organizing a study tour to Turkey, the preferences of the client are taken into account. Usually the program is designed for 2-4 days. The dates for which it is better to plan a trip are always agreed with the customer of the service.

At the airport you will be met by an experienced specialist who will tell you how the registration procedure goes. buying an apartment or at home. A sightseeing tour of the city will show the advantages of the districts, the features of living and recreation.

The consultant is fluent in Russian and Turkish. He will professionally advise the client on issues of interest.

If the selected offers do not fit, the manager will orient on the spot and offer profitable options based on your wishes. The study tour involves the accommodation of a tourist in comfortable apartments in a picturesque area.  

If the client decides to purchase a home, the specialist accompanies the transaction. Helps to prepare documents, agree on the legal nuances of the purchase. The buyer can immediately sign the contract and make a deposit for the property.

Thanks to highly qualified employees online platforms HaspoRealty, you are making a profitable investment in real estate. Transactions are concluded taking into account the peculiarities of Turkish legislation. With our consultants, it is easy to make the dream of a house in sunny Turkey a reality!

Study tour
Study tour
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