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Buying an apartment Online

We will tell you what is special about our service.

Buying property online


The Turkish real estate market has been showing continuous growth for the past three years. Until covid-XNUMX, our clients could easily come to Turkey and take ownership of real estate or buy apartments in new buildings in installments, conclude a contract of sale on the spot in Turkey.

2019 has made strong adjustments to these processes. We all remember very well how flights were canceled, borders were closed, lockdowns were introduced. Of course, this situation has created a demand for online booking of apartments, online conclusion of contracts and remote conclusion of a sale and purchase transaction. One cannot but rejoice at the fact that in Turkey it is possible and these processes are regulated and protected by the state.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose an apartment online and how to make a deal remotely.


In fact, everything is quite simple and there are several options for this.

On our website you can choose the option you are interested in using a convenient search, or look in hot offers. Next, you need to contact the manager responsible for this offer. It will be most convenient to contact via Whats App directly from the site.

You can also leave a request on the site by clicking on the "select for you" button. You will pass a short survey, according to which our Managers will make an individual selection of offers based on your preferences. They will also check the availability of objects, the current price list, and analyze the investment attractiveness.

Further, a list of options he likes is prepared and at the appointed time the Manager goes to the selected objects or to the developer in turn. Through services, Whats App, Zoom or Skype, an online presentation of the object takes place. At the same time, you can ask questions in real time, manage the viewing or presentation process, and clarify the details you are interested in.

After the project or object is selected by the client, the process of online purchase begins immediately.


First of all, a contract of sale is made in two copies. Contracts with seals and signatures of the developer are sent electronically to the client. After checking the contract, the client must sign in the indicated places, scan the contract and send it back electronically to the developer.

As for secondary housing and buying from an apartment from the owner. We go through the same process. We need one agreement to open a bank account, to which the client can send money from his bank. After the money is transferred, we proceed to the process of issuing TAPU. TAPU is the main document for real estate in Turkey. First, we need to get a power of attorney in one of the Turkish embassies in our country, issued to the seller's company, it is very convenient that the embassies work remotely. The power of attorney will contain all the data about the property and who issues the power of attorney to whom.

After preparing all the documents, the seller company submits them to the cadastral department, this is the body where Tapu is issued. Now it also works remotely, so there are absolutely no risks. After the documents are submitted, the cadastral department checks the documents and, if everything is in order, sets a date for the rendezvous. On the appointed day, a TAPU issued to the new owner is issued.

After re-registration, TAPU is sent by mail to the new owner or remains in the company's custody until the buyer arrives in Turkey.

From all of the above, we can also conclude that at the moment online transactions significantly save time and money for our customers, there is no need to urgently buy tickets and fly to Turkey or adjust to any other conditions. Also, thanks to this, the client will not miss an interesting offer on the market, from the owner or developer, but will be able to book a property online. Thanks to the principle of our platform, you do not need to contact a huge number of agencies in order to find the best option, since almost all offers are collected on our platform. You don't have to spend time communicating with agents and start the search from scratch every time, and thanks to our experience, we very quickly recognize the needs of customers and select what you need.         

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