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Residence permit

In 2020, Turkey canceled the law extending the residence permit for foreigners when renting real estate. Now the only way to stay in the country is to buy an apartment or a house.

Together with a foreigner who has bought an apartment, a husband, wife, minor children and elderly parents can apply for a residence permit. For each, a separate package of documents is submitted to the migration service.

Step-by-step obtaining a residence permit by a foreigner

That get a residence permit in Turkey, a foreigner needs to perform such actions.

  1. Buy a home, make a deal and get TAPU.
  2. Write an application to the immigration office. Online such an opportunity is provided in the e-Ikamet system. Fill in the fields of the questionnaire, print it out.
  3. Deposit money at the state duty.
  4. Collect the necessary documents and submit to the Department of Migration Service. The list of papers is indicated on the back of the questionnaire. If the application is filled out correctly, pass fingerprinting.
  5. A foreigner is issued a temporary residence permit.
  6. Within 90 days, he receives an ikamet - a document confirming the receipt of a residence permit in Turkey.
  7. As soon as your phone receives a message that the ikamet is ready, go to the nearest post office to receive it.

Required documents

Documents without which a residence permit will not be issued to a foreigner.

  1. Passport and its photocopies.
  2. Four biometric photographs.
  3. TAPU.
  4. A certificate confirming the solvency of a citizen - the availability of income from 500 euros per month.
  5. Medical policy.
  6. Receipt for payment of state duty.
  7. Certificate of no criminal record.
  8. The application is a questionnaire.

Obtaining a Turkish passport for the purchase of real estate

Tourists can get a residence permit in Turkey by purchasing real estate in the amount of 400 thousand dollars. Together with a residence permit, a foreigner is provided with high-quality medical services. Also, if desired, he participates in the elections.

Passing an interview at the Department of Migration Service is easy. It is enough to bring a package of necessary documents. You do not need to take an exam for knowledge of Turkish history and language.

If the property is bought, but its value is less than 250 thousand dollars, the migrant will have to make an effort to obtain citizenship.

  1. Residence in Turkey for 5 years is required.
  2. Do not leave the borders of the state for the last 3 months.
  3. Pass the Turkish language exam.
  4. Be officially employed and receive income.
  5. Confirm the absence of contagious diseases.

Getting a residence permit in Turkey will not be difficult for those who are going to buy luxury apartments. The Turkish government welcomes foreigners investing in the country's economy.

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