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TAPU - document, which is issued to a foreigner at the end of a sale and purchase transaction. The certificate establishes the right of ownership. Registration is carried out by the Cadastre Department. If a foreign citizen becomes the owner of the property, the procedure is slightly different.

Features of the procedure

When applying for a TAPU, a foreigner attaches permission obtained from the Turkish Military Committee that the property being purchased is not protected by the state or the army.

In order to avoid fraud, the certificate is issued only at the Cadastral Office. The document is handed over to the new owner of the apartments in the presence of an independent translator. An Act is also signed stating that the participants in the transaction have no claims against each other. That is, the payment for housing is listed in full.

The issuance of TAPU means: the new owner is registered in the cadastral book and legally owns the property.

Data in TAPU

The certificate indicates the owner of the property, even when it comes to a minor child. Turkish law allows up to 10 people to be registered as owners, who may not be related to each other.

Not only apartments, but also the land where the building was erected, pass into ownership. Therefore, in TAPU, it is not the area of ​​​​the apartment that is fixed, but the area occupied by the land plot, as well as the cadastral number.

If the TAPU is lost, its restoration takes no more than a day.

What is TAPU

The certificate in red determines the ownership of the land and the property already built on it. Blue paper is obtained on land without buildings.

The red document provides the following data:

  • the address where the property is located;
  • photo of the foreign owner;
  • registration information about the site;
  • What is the state of the site?
  • what land area the foreigner now owns;
  • type of housing - apartment or house;
  • how much does the object cost;
  • information about the previous owner and the present;
  • when housing bought by previous owners;
  • previous registration number;
  • TAPU number;
  • seal of the Cadastre Department and the signature of a specialist.

A foreigner can also request information about debts and property encumbrances from the Cadastral Office.

Documents for registration

The certificate is issued after receiving a foreign passport, three 3x4 photos, and a tax number from a foreigner. The applicant also provides the number of an open account in a Turkish bank. If a foreigner does not have the opportunity to submit documentation on his own, a trusted person who has a notarized power of attorney can do this paper.

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