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Registration of counters

Having bought an apartment in Turkey, the new owner draws up water and electricity meters before moving in. Indeed, according to the law, utilities are provided only after the conclusion of subscription agreements.

Registering an electricity meter

Electricity in Turkey is supplied by a state-owned enterpriseTEDAŞ". Registering a meter costs about $150.

Payment is made once. Subsequent monthly expenses are transferred to the supplier's account according to the readings of the meter, for the consumed light.

Required papers:

  • photocopy of TAPU - the document is issued at the end of the sale and purchase transaction;
  • iskan;
  • photocopies of the foreigner's passport and Turkish tax number;
  • an insurance policy that is issued in case of earthquakes;
  • if the property is new, attach a document with the serial number and brand of the metering device;
  • to register secondary housing meters, fill out a document with the number of the previous owner of the property or an old utility bill.

Registration of a water meter

The company is engaged in the supply of water to subscribersasat". A prerequisite for registration or re-registration of a new owner of an apartment is a one-time payment in the range of $ 200. The cost of the service may vary, depending on the region where utilities are provided.

Documents to be handed over to the water supplier employees:

  • photocopy TAPU;
  • registration certificate issued by the developer upon putting the house into operation;
  • photocopies of the foreign passport of a foreign citizen and papers indicating the TIN obtained in Turkey, the series and brand of the counter;
  • insurance policy;
  • receipt for payment of water, for which payment was previously made.

Where are metering devices

The water utility is responsible for issuing a subscriber number for water in a new building. The foreigner signs the contract and pays money for the registration of the subscription. On the same day (or the next), Asat specialists arrive at the address indicated by the apartment owner and connect the meters.

Electricity meters are also quickly connected. The application is left at TEDAŞ.

Specialists of the HaspoRealty online platform can suggest how to arrange water and electricity meters. Assistance in concluding subscription agreements from our managers allows a foreigner to avoid unnecessary fuss, save time and be confident in the correctness of their actions.

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