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Design of Iskan

Iskan - document, which is mandatory issued by the buyer of real estate in Turkey. The certificate is proof that building codes have been met. If there is no registration certificate, then legally the construction is considered incomplete. It is impossible to dispose of such housing (sell, lease) according to the law.

When Iskan issued?

The certificate is issued for the first time at the stage of putting the house into operation. This is the task of the construction company.

The next type of iskan is handed over to the first owner of the apartment. You can get it after issuing TAPU.

The foreigner leaves an application at the Municipality and pays the state fee. A technical passport costs an average of 3 lire. The price is affected by the area of ​​​​housing.

What happens if you do not issue Iskan

Buying property in Turkey without iskan, the future owner faces such difficulties.

  1. An investor is denied a mortgage loan.
  2. The procedure for formalizing the provision of public services to the new owner of the apartments is becoming more complicated.
  3. The absence of a document is at least alarming. After all, this directly indicates non-compliance with housing construction standards. Correction of defects can take a lot of time, and this is an additional cost.
  4. The absence of a document also indicates that the developer has a debt to the state. It is important for the buyer or his authorized representative to check the papers for cleanliness and authenticity.

Buying an apartment under construction

If a deal sales and purchases are made for real estate under construction, when signing the contract, the text indicates the clause on the absence of a technical passport.

So that in the future you do not have to deal with issuing a certificate yourself, lawyers recommend fixing in the contract the terms when the company must receive an iskan. It does not hurt to prescribe fines if the agreements are not fulfilled.

You can avoid the troubles associated with iskan during the purchase by studying in detail the accompanying documents from the developer. HaspoRealty specialists will advise and offer support at every stage of the purchase. Using the help of highly qualified employees, you will be sure of the legitimacy of the purchase and sale transaction.

Our experts represent the interests of clients under a notarized power of attorney. Turning to HaspoRealty specialists, the buyer can sleep peacefully.

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