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Citizenship in Turkey

Many foreigners dream move to Turkey. Tourists are pleasantly pleased with the ecology, mild climate and the cost of real estate. Comparing the cost of apartments in USA and European countries, housing in Turkey is sold 15–25% cheaper.

Having citizenship, a foreigner does not need to renew a residence permit and issue a work permit. For a person with a Turkish passport, many privileges are available - you can vote, count on an old-age pension and not feel like an outsider.

Real estate investment

Becoming a property owner in Turkey is a popular way to get citizenship in the shortest possible time. Having bought a house with a cadastral value of 400 thousand dollars, a foreigner becomes a Turkish citizen after 2 months.

Moreover, you can purchase several items. The main thing is that their total estimated value corresponds to the minimum limit.

Part of the property is usually rented out profitably. After 3 years, the apartments are allowed to be sold.

The application for obtaining a passport is processed promptly. No need to show source of income. The government appreciates and legally stimulates foreign investors.

The owner of the property can apply for citizenship with the whole family. A Turkish passport allows a citizen from a former CIS country open own business in the USA on a non-immigrant investor visa more here.

Other Ways to Get Citizenship in Turkey

A passport is issued to a foreigner if he married (or married) a citizen (for a citizen) of Turkey and after that 3 years have passed. But in this case, you can do without passing the exam for knowledge of the Turkish language. At the appointed time, both spouses are interviewed - they answer household questions. This determines whether the marriage is fictitious or not.

It happens that a visitor has purchased an apartment worth less than 400 thousand dollars. If a tourist has received a residence permit for 5 years, but the period of stay in the country during this period did not exceed 180 days, he can apply for a passport. The same applies to a work visa, which allows you to obtain a residence permit for 5 years, and eventually become a Turkish citizen.

Required documents

Documents that are important to prepare for applying for a passport:

  • application;
  • a notarized passport;
  • photocopy of residence permit;
  • marriage and birth certificates;
  • a notarized certificate of marital status, translated into Turkish, and an extract confirming the presence of a stable income;
  • medical certificate on the applicant's state of health;
  • a photo.

You can ask any questions about the procedure for obtaining Turkish citizenship to highly qualified managers of the HaspoRealty online platform.

Citizenship in Turkey
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